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Mengenali Saigon A.K.A Ganoi

Baka Saigon A.K.A Ganoi

Ga Don (Ga Noi Don)

Ga Don (left) are Kulang Asil-like birds. In Vietnam two types of Ga Don excist. There a two different varieties : a fully feathered and a natural naked neck variety. Naked neck Ganoi fowl can start growing feathers after some time. The Ga Don variety is bred for natural heel fighting. Weight 2.5 to 4 Kg (5.5 to 8.8 Kg). Naked neck Ganoi-type fowl are also present in the border regions of Vietnam (China, Laos, Cambodja). Outside Vietnam the Ga Don variety is mainly bred by Vietnamese people living in the United States. In Europe only a very limited number of genuine Ganoi fowl exist. Bird left : Mr.Hung Lai (USA) Bird right : Mr.Yellowspurs (USA)

Ga Cua (Ga Noi Cua)

The Ga Cua is a lightweight bird with an appearance resembling the Sumatra. The Ga Cua variety is used in Vietnam for fighting in artificial or natural (sharpened) heels. Weight around 2.5 Kg (5.5 Kg). This variety is also found in the US. In Europe very rare. Bird left : Mr.Hung Lai (USA) Photo right : Willem van Ballekom (Holland)

Ga Tre (Ga Noi Tre)

The Ga Tre is a very small Malayoide type fowl with an Asil resemblence. It is only used for articificial spur fighting (steel & sharpened natural spurs). It is also more or less seen as toy gamefowl for Vietnamese children. Weight ± 1,5 Kg (3.3 Lbs). Not present outside Vietnam. Photo : Willem van Ballekom (Holland)

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